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Stephen Colbert I'd Like to Fuck.
When the opening credits play for The Colbert Report's new season, he grabs the American flag and jumps down amongst many Amurcan words. One of the first and only easily readable ones is SCILF.
by athinkingman June 02, 2010
Stephen Colbert I'd Like to Fuck
After watching the Colbert show tonight, I've got a serious case of SCILF!
by ColbertFan98 June 01, 2010
Senate Candidate I'd Like to Fuck
Christine O'Donnell is that SCILF I'd love to fuck in the worst way. And I've got the warlock wand for her backdoor coven, that sexy witch.
by BigToolTime October 05, 2010
Social Conservative I'd like to Fuck.
Colbert Report SCILF
by ChuckyCheetos August 15, 2010
Senior Citizen I'd Like to Fuck
Jeff: Wow, did you see that old woman at the post office? SCILF!
by Nojhole January 05, 2008
Acronym: Small child I'd like to Fuck. A person of years 16 or younger that is quite obviously still tight. See also jailbait.

Users Tip: Nickelodeon TV shows are a goldmine for Scilfs.
"Wow have you seen the new Hannah Montanah Mylie Ray Cyrus she is such a scilf"
by Claw Crew May 24, 2008
schoolgirl id like to fuck
oh my god wot a scilf!
by deanieboy February 22, 2006

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