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When more than one person occupy the same room saying nothing, but are thinking about science.
She and I just sat there in scilence. I was staring at her legs, saying nothing, but thinking about that data I collected earlier that day.
#science #silence #awkward #nerd #dating
by electricsheepdog September 10, 2010
1 Word related to scilence
To scilence someone is to win an argument using a scientific explanation.
Man: "I think you're a faggot."

Fag: " No I'm not, obviously."

Man: "Then why are you wearing an aluminium hat?"

Announcer: "Oh, you have just been scilenced, fag lolz!"
#scilence #silence #win #science #fag
by simplythebestatdefinitions March 11, 2011
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