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(n) One who lectures another in a condenseding manner; one who is pretentious in communicating their opinion as though it were fact, often involving exaggerated body gesturing, e.g., finger wagging; one who scolds or judges another as if they are morally, intellectually, or otherwise superior

(v) Schoolmarmin(g) Exibiting the behavior of a schoolmarm
(n) I really hate bein' around my stupid sister lately. Ever since she started school at DeVry online last month she think she the shit. Been bitchin' at me for sittin' around the house and actin' like she know errthang about errthang. Talkin' down on me... total schoolmarm. I have the shits of it.

(v) Troy's mom got a job as a preschool teacher a few months ago, and ever since she's been talking to us like we ain't grown-ass men. She be waggin her finger at us and saying we shouldn't do this, shouldn't do that because blah, blah, blah. She been totally schoolmarmin' us like we're the 4 year olds she babysits at work.
by Bozo McScrotus July 28, 2016
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A cat who sits on one's homework or laptop and generally prevents you from getting anything done.
Mom: Get your homework done!
Student: This school marm is sitting on my stuff! And looking up cat porn!

Rule 34
by MuffinKnight February 09, 2015
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