A place that everyone hates while they're there...and looks back with nostalgia when they realise how **** their job is.
"Those were the days..."
Above quote = wrong.
The school teachers had canes, Were even more uninventive than today, Needed fewer qualifications to become teachers etcetcetc...
by D.iode May 31, 2003
School...........a place where a lotta shit happens
school is also a place where one finds friends,gets to socialize and all
but most of all gets to be independent
school can make you want to DIE!!! but you can overcome it because that's part of life's stages
you learn a lotta stuff in here and it's not only educational but also helps you in life

stay Prettay/handsome

love Lulu
school isn't my definition of fun but it helps me allot
by lulu905 December 30, 2015
The shittiest shit in the entire shitty world.
I went to school today and my friend quamphed into my teacher's face.
by SmartTart39 June 02, 2015
Welcome to school!

I'm in hell..
by Truesh*t May 10, 2015
a fucking place where you get handed homework crap, earn friends (after a few years they'll become your nemesis) and respect (if you r the most popular kid and u mess up on something, you're screwed), learn useless shit, and get a dick-sucking girlfriend
Boy: Hey, wanna skip school tomorrow?
Girl: fuck me, bitch
by IMAGINATION February 27, 2015
Six Crule Hours Of Our Lives
I hate that we have to go to school
by Ultimate_derppyyyyyyyyyy February 16, 2015
School is another word for prison
Person 1: I went to prison when I was 6 and stayed for 12 years!
Person 2: What prison?
Person 1: It was called school!
by ratchetgirl6969 February 09, 2015

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