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german word meaning beautiful
...that girl is schoener..for sure..
by Amy Lynne with the twins June 12, 2008
1)an extremly skinny person, who has warts, flicks his ears, and looks at the ceiling like a fucking retart.

2) A person who shouldn't go outside because he might get blown away by the 1 mph wind outside.

3) A fruitcup who lives in California and thinks getting a ten there will make him look better

4) a moron who doesnt know how to speak
1)"Schoner, I know the door is locked, but just go through the keyhole"

2)"Schoener, dont go outside or you'll go flying

3) Schoener + tan = wrong

4) Schoener: "U shuck"
"Wheresh my schkool bag?"
"Guesh what im going to Kaelishfornia"
by jessica March 10, 2005
s retard that is a klutz and sucks cock and masturbates his moms dick. He enjoys the sight of naked dogs and men. If you see him on the street make sure that you call the animal control and if you are armed attack him. Even though he is 3 feet tall and it will be hard to spot him one the street.
Look there is schoener and his whoreish mother.

Schoener is a fag.
by Jessica March 15, 2005

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