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Someone that always shows up just in time for a free meal.
See the movie "Animal Crackers" by the Marx Brothers... 'Hurray for Captain Spaulding, the African Explorer'
by Victor C. May 24, 2005
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the cheapest of people.
He is such a schnorer.
Yeh i know he won't spend any money.
by bigges pigges June 29, 2003
Actually spelled Schnorrer or shnorrer and is a Yiddish term meaning "beggar" or "sponger".1 The word Schnorrer also occurs in German to describe a person who frequently asks for little things, like cigarettes or little sums of money, without offering a return, and has thus come to mean freeloader. The English usage of the word denotes a sly chiseler who will get money out of another any way he can, often through an air of entitlement.
Mike is such a schnorer , always bumming a cigarette . I have yet to get one in return
#freeloader #sponger #begger #schnorrer #shnorrer
by DaSnake January 19, 2013
someone with a big nose
He has a huge schnorer
by xenolith June 30, 2003
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