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A higher level than cool.
the new jersey devils are the schnitz.

James is the schnitz!!
by james-justin December 12, 2008
17 6
To ejaculate in an extreme manner, such that the product's volume is significantly larger than usual. Also known as a Dolwick.
When the librarian saw that the Battlestar Galactica girls were featured in playboy, he schnitzed / dolwicked his trousers real heavy.
by ZBT spyder April 09, 2007
26 16
to tattle to the moderator of an internet message board regarding a certain poster or thread when you are unwilling or unable to handle the situation yourself.
"______ schnitzed on me by emailing the mod."
by dave486 February 24, 2010
8 2
Meaning: extremely cute in the sense of an animal/baby etc..
That puppy was sooo schnitz.
That was the schnitziest puppy EVER!
by AW July 27, 2004
9 23