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A combination of 2 words both special and nice. Used especially around blind dates that you liked but would never see again. Also used around your friends when describing your younger mentally retarded brother. Not a nice word.

Also used around people who say something stupid and you want to let them know that what they said was something a special, mentally retarded person would say.
Example 1

Sesile: I hear you have a sister. I need a date this weekend. Is she fine? Would I get some?

Homer: You can meet her but I have to warn you. All I can say about her is she is schnice.

Sesile: Aww man...I don't date girls that are tards

Example 2

Homer: You have a fine sister...NOT!

Sesile: Schnice man. That was real schnice.
by Topher Brown October 26, 2007
adj. similar in meaning to the English 'nice' but with added emphasis. May be used as an exclamation. Often appears with multiple 'i's.

Origin unclear. Possibly Eastern Europe, but used most frequently in the southwest United States.
I saw Billy and he was looking schnice!
by Billy Fleecer February 16, 2011
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