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A schnarple is the result of a habit where a piece of 8 1/2" x 11" paper is VERY tightly rolled diagonally into a cylinder. The top 3/7ths is then folded over, bitten with the teeth to crunch down into place and flattened. The top 1 1/2" is then folded over and bitten down and so on until it is folded into a rectangle approximately 1/2" x 2". The creator soon after usually grabs another piece of paper to start again.

A word originally coined circa 2000 by Caleb at CCS, Roseville, CA to describe the classroom creations of then seventh grader, C2010 Joel CS04 USAFA. A habit done by Joel when he is bored, stressed, nervous, listening to a lecture, playing table games, or working on a term paper. Similar to those who pop gum, crack knuckles, twirl hair, or doodle.

Annoying to those (typically teachers, parents, or roommates) who encounter schnarples usually left lying on the floor, around desks (including the CQ), or on tables. Sometimes collected and saved in bottom drawers and in scrapbooks. Annoyance is further compounded when the creator takes unused paper instead of scrap paper that family members have saved explicitly for this purpose.
An example of a schnarple is given in the first paragraph.
by C. Garbe November 24, 2007
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