an individual or a group of individuals that has been inducted into the likeness of a schmoopie. it is considered an honor in many cultures. schmoops must be invited into the schmoop class by the 4 schmoopiest ladies. it is possible to be part of the schmoops for an hour (honorary schmoops of the hour), a day (honorary schmoops), or a lifetime ( your name + schmoops).
schmoops is always used with your name in front of it. nicknames + schmoops are also possible. (ex. baby schmoops, meat schmoops, tour manager schmoops, papaw schmoops, wild schmoops, attention schmoops)
emmy schmoops, katie schmoops, bethie schmoops, and sara schmoops are getting together tonight to schmoop it up.
by shmoopie schmoops July 31, 2006
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Lurve. Sickly sweet romantic crap.
To be schmoopy is to make others vomit with your cavity inducing displays of affection. To want schmoop is normal, don't be alarmed. Submit.
by thephrog August 03, 2006
A fanfic with LOTS of fluff or with a more intense level of fluff.
"That Johnlock fic was so fluffy I'd go as far to say it was Schmoop.
by the-tenth-physician June 16, 2013
2 fat people having sex with a midget in between them.
"Hey Bill what'd you do last night?"
"I was schmooping with my girlfriend."

"Where'd you find a midget?"
by C-Swizzie October 11, 2013
To give blowjobs to random people in bars and on the street.
My friends and I had a schmoop party downtown last week.
by brcu May 28, 2010
To be disrespected by another who has not experienced the schmoopiness himself
She was schmooped in the back of the class.
by Chad December 14, 2004

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