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An adjective describing someone extremely intoxicated and difficult to deal with or someone covered in vomit. A verb that means to be violently puking, babbling like an idiot or passed out on the floor of a hotel bathroom.
I was completely schmiedered last night.

I schmiedered all over that girl last night.


My names ... Schmieder. I like to get schmiedered. I schmieder on the floor and I schmieder on Peter. I schmieder in the sink and I schmieder on the bed, when I wake up Sunday mornin got a pain in my head.
by Schobinem July 20, 2011
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anyone with the last name schmieder has an extremley large penis, and or ballsack.
damm you see the size of that schmieders dick
by the bigest of them all October 21, 2009
an extremely, extraordinary.. sMELLy vagina
damn that schmieder was TERRIBLE!
by Sir. Lancealot May 21, 2006

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