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schmerzelkender (pronounced shmer-zil-ken-dur) is a word commonly used in place of a profanity. Most common substitute is the 4 letter one starting 'sh', especially useful when you have dropped a wardrobe on your toe in front of your mother - see example 1.

Once proficient in the ways of schmerzelkender, it's most effective as a way of insulting people without them knowing - see example 2 (note - this will not work on someone who speaks German)
Example 1
Mother: "Careful up those stairs"
You: "AAAAAAAAH, SHHHH...merzelkender"

Example 2
Idiot: "So when that drill bit doesn't fit in that lathe, do you know what that means?"
You: "Yup, schmerzelkender"
Idiot: "What?"
You: "It's the German word for exactly what you said"
Idiot: "Oh. OK..."
by Gordonio August 01, 2006
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