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1. Disgusting, gelatinous mass 2. Any article suggestive of schmag or of equal relative value to schmag
Dude, get your schmag off my bed.
by D.B. August 23, 2003
15 7
An unkown, sticky, wet substance forund in an unusual place
gross! i just got schmag on my hand from the glass
by glorygirl January 26, 2005
21 6
a cigarette.
Dude 1: "Damn! I only have one schmag left!"

Dude 2: "Better head to 7-11."
by mrmominvabeach April 27, 2009
19 6
overweight unattractive cougar with to much makeup that hits on men at closing time.
the schmag relentlessly hit on the young man
by spikola February 03, 2010
6 2
an unwanted facebook tag
Dude, I had to remove that schmag for The Utah Bear Alliance before my boss saw it.
by macuum February 28, 2010
4 1
Pronounced shmadj. Abbreviated form of schmagina (from the latin vagina schmagina).
1. Schmag can be used much like the word "smurf-"
2. Or as a noun meaning crap, stuff
1. "schmagtastic"; "shmagical"; "schmagerrific".

2. "Hey, what is that schmag all over your sleeve?" or "You've got a little schmag in the corner of your mouth there."
by Nickdammit August 07, 2006
6 5
Adjective - A discrete way to describe semen.
Geez John! You got schmag on the pillow again!
by bcterry June 29, 2007
2 3