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1.A lovely person who has a tendancy to lack mental stability. Sometimes can be mistaken for a mental health patient.
A schlode is usually a best friend of a schliz.

2.A very disturbing noise that can usually be heard miles away from the schlode.
'schlode smells.'
'you are a real schlode.'
'schlode loves schliz.'
'ahh, look at that schlode she's pulling!'
by 'schlode' February 08, 2007
a mixture of the word 'schlong', meaning an extrodinarily long dick, and 'chode', meaning a cock thats fatter than it is long. Therefor, a schlode is an extrodinarily long penis that is also fatter than it is long, thereby it being veeeery fat too
Ya mum has a schlode

Rhys has a schlode coming out of his chin

Dyer has schlode fingers
by Robbo :) October 25, 2008
A wide but long penis. Derived from a schlong and chode.
He couldn't take one step out of his house with out people laughing at his enormous schlode.
by Missilez_ October 24, 2015
A combination of the words Schlong and Dode = Schlode.

1. Used to describe a penis which is too large to simply be referred to as either a Schlong or a Dode. It's so big that it is in a category of it's own, for it is a Schlode.

2. Used as an insult for someone who is so lame that they cannot be describe as simply either a Schlong or a Dode, but rather they must be refered to on a whole other level. They are, in fact, a Schlode.

3. Another way of refering to ones Schlong or Dode.
1. "I whipped out my Schlode on that bitches face, and she had to rest it on her shoulder!"

Sally: "Why Bill, I am thoroughly impressed with the size of your Schlode!"
Bill: "So am I, Sally, So am I."

2. "Hey fucknut, stop acting like such a Schlode!"
by The Hunter May 28, 2004
a cross between a schlong (an abnormally large penis) and a chode (a penis that is wider than it is long)
thus meaning that a schlode is a amazingly large meat hammer than is completely useless for anything sexual, but can be used to hit someone over the head with and hurt them, alot.
gemma: so how did it go with tom last night?
georgette: not good! he had a total schlode!

adam: woah henry what happened to your face!
henry: tom got mad and hit me with his schlode, fucking asshole
by henry89 February 13, 2009
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