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Several definitions, all derived from Phil Mitchell's pronunciation of the word 'slapper'. Phil Mitchell is, of course, a character from the BBC soap-opera 'EastEnders'.

1. a) A 'slapper'. Derogatory colloquial slang for a female commonly found in the Home Counties of England. Generally between the ages of 16 and 30 (though not exclusively), they can't handle their alcohol and their moral standards are lower than their boob-tubes and looser than their g-strings (due to repeated removal).
1. b) A 'slapper' when referring to a male. Generally a piss-take by the person in question's 'mates'.

2. A form of footwear, generally warm and 'cosy'. Most suited to watching daytime telly when there is nothing else to do.
1 a) Watch out lads, the Bacardi Breezer crew are out tonight, and they're all complete schlippers.
1.b) Dave's pulled everyone in his tutorial group, the schlipper.

2. I love my schlippers. Perfect for watching Richard and Judy on both of my days off.
by Boxman December 22, 2003
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