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1. n - The act of female masturbation.
2. Onomonopaea - The sound associated with female masturbation.
When those chicks saw my photo, I could hear them schlicking in the other room.
by Anonymous April 12, 2003
The sound a female make when fingering herself.
schlick is the sound she made as she fingered herself.
by Big Tool December 25, 2003
An old flabby woman who likes to lose peoples papers constantly. She enjoys telling us that gifted children are more likely to kill them selves than a regular child. She puts up pictures of her daughters but often replaces them with pictures of a dolphin that broke her flabby hand. Schlick does not let you use the bathroom because she wants to see how long you can go before you pee your pants. She also calls us nerds and makes us watch movies about inventing, and immigration, and october sky. She has also been divorced twice.
Mrs. Schlick
by 123456787649453690780268054654 April 21, 2011
The same as saying "slick", but with a slow, deliberate tone, and drawn out a bit, like when Cartman says "sweeet".
"I saw Joe's new car yesterday. That thing is schlick!"
by vinniemi June 30, 2009
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