a person who tries to steal things without your noticing
jon han did you clock in early again, you schindler
by jables80 December 31, 2010
Top Definition
Oscar Schindler was a german who helped save the lives of jews, from nazi camps, also is potrayed in the awsome movie Schindler's List
Schindler, saved the live's of many jews, who would have been gassed and cremated
by WARDEN MURPH February 17, 2009
Verb, to schindler. Having regrets of the "If only..." and "I should have..." kind.

From the movie "Schindler's List".
John: I should have left a bigger tip.
Mary: Your tip was generous enough, stop schindlering.


John: If only she didn't sleep around so much I'd marry her.
Mary: Get on with your life. Don't schindler yourself to death!
by GWMcL September 01, 2007
Verb used to describe intoxication. Neo rhyming slang: ‘Schindler’s List’- Pissed.

Past tense: Schindlered
Dave: "Dude, you were SO drunk last night!"
Neil: "I know, I was completely Schindlers!"
by Dan "Crazy Joe" Evans November 25, 2007
To hopelessly pursue an unattainable goal.
When I try to catch a rainbow, I schindler.
by Sean March 25, 2005
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