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To be used by a man that is a ho.

Meaning: He has a wife, a couple regular girlfriends and tons of flings. He sleeps with all of them and does not care about any of their feelings. Age, Weight and Ethic are not an issue, he will sleep with anything.
I feel so bad for Donna, she was schilled last Friday.
#ho #whore #slut #affair #cheat #cheater #easy #fuck #prostitute #tramp #sex #dick #loser #asshole
by Helmet Head April 22, 2008
(verb)to dupe, lie, prank, trick, outsmart, show up, or deter a person in any manner. The act by which a person is belittled to absolutely nothing (life for them is now futile and meaningless for a given time) due to the fact that you, being a representative (Schilling), have gotten the best of them. To be Schill shocked is to have your backbone ripped out and shat on by a muffalo (see muffalo).
"Yo, did you hear how badly Derek, Dan and Christian's apartment got schilled?"
#schill'd yah #gettin' schilled #schilling #schill shock #chillin' like a schillin'
by The Griffin October 29, 2005
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