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Skill, phonetically equivalent to school, not attended by I
Hey, I didna eva hav too goe two school to akwire suck vocabruary schill.
by Hercolena Oliver January 12, 2010
another term for ejaculating
I schilled all over your face!
by The Sons of the Stars January 16, 2007
when an incredibly hot LA hipstery type girl uses hamburgers, ketchup, and mustard to eat off of an unsuspecting younger really shy girl both of whom are straight and does nasty things.

this came to me in one of the trippiest dreams i've ever had and thought perhaps i invented a new word for an "alternative lifestyle" website to copyright for themselves. so..you're welcome, alt.com
"hey, do you wanna schill?"
by gracie dfsgdjkasg August 16, 2006