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"scheiße" means shit;
"kopf" means head.

Each word by itself makes sense in German; the combination of these two words does not make sense.

English speakers put these two words together to make a new word, "shithead". This works in English. Doing so in German, however, does not work.

Just ask any German-speaking person: they'll tell you "scheißekopf" makes no sense in German.
To avoid sounding like a dummkopf, don't use the contrived and inaccurate term, scheißekopf.
by iibuzne August 09, 2005
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German, English translation literally meaning "shit head".
Er ist ein Scheissekopf.
He is a shithead.
#sheisse #kopf #shit #head #german
by matteo945 December 19, 2008
German for "Shit Head"
Du bist eine Scheißekopf!
#shithead #asswhole #jerk #poophead #schwuler
by Jakob! May 05, 2009
German for "shithead".
You scheißekopf!
by arc88 May 06, 2004
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