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a very amusing heavily accented way of saying "sex". when somebody asks what it means, you say that schecks are small animals that look similar to young chickens.
Student: I love gettin schecks!
Student: Schecks are a small animal.
Teacher: Oh. Okay. Can I have some schecks?
by JC (uber) August 16, 2008
0 1
adj. describing ones state of confusion about how much weed just got stole from them.
Man i just got my shit broke in to, what the scheck happened?
by JhoodY February 09, 2008
10 3
cool, ill, off da hook you bad muther fugga
ellie that cast is scheckin'. this translates to: man ellie that cast is sweeeet as the milk from a mothers bosom.
by Lauren April 15, 2003
17 13