usually pitch black or light blonde, sometimes with bright colors such as pink or purple.
usually short and straight with the top layer volumized while the rest is flat.
often wear headbads or bows
scene girl:look at my new myspace pics, i totally sexxed up my hair

scene guy:that is so scene hair, ur the fucking shit

scene girl:ily!
by boredomsux7 September 04, 2006
For girls it is for some reason cut short even though they want it long. So the girls put extensions bought from Sally's or any other hair product store in their hair, giving it about boob length. Their hair is either black, brown, or blonde and has much volume. Latley the "coon tails" were in style.

For guys it varies very much. Usually most guys have long bangs, but not spiked in the back, because that's emo which was soooo 2005.
AnnaAutopsy: ZOMGZ i just got some new coon tails to fix my short black scene hair!

GretaGore:BITCH you know i just got new extensions that i gave coontails

AnnaAutopsy:Im gonna have a br00t41 beatd0wn on your ass!
by totalScenester January 02, 2008
Choppy hair that looks like a five year old started hacking at it with scizzors. Sometimes with drawn in sections of "stripes" of different colored sharpie.
"Did you see her scene hair?"
"yea her sharpie stripes were so uneven."
by MichelleEve October 23, 2008
Basically... a matted mop with color and streaks.

That's the best I can describe it.
Scene hair: Ugly, matted, stinks from not washing it to keep the colors in.
by rant.pop July 10, 2008
Multi-colored hair. At least three shades, must be asymmetrical, and resemble a mullet. Have it choppy fried out, like it's been dyed too many times which it probably has and cut by a blind barber.
Omg. Look at those scene kids and their super cool hair with their super cool headbands that they got at the super cool thrift store.
They are TEH SEX!!1!!!111! lolerrrzz
by whothefuckdoyouthink[][][] June 22, 2005
The most awful hairstyle you will ever set eyes upon. The girls normally have black hair (although brunette and white blonde is accepted) with a gazillion extensions and sometimes coloured streaks. They backcomb the top layers so it hangs out like a mile away from their heads and then clip in some extensions. Clips, bows, and headbands are normally added and sometimes they'll have a straight cut fringe.
TiaTERROR: OMFGZ did you see the new pics I posted on Myspace of my new scene hair?
EmilyELECTRIC: Lyke hella tight! I had that hairstyle last week! BIATCH!
TiaTERROR: *Slits wrists*.
by 4444 August 10, 2007
at the moment all of the scene kids are growing out their a-frames (long in front, short spikey in back) so it is a mullet dyed black. the front should be shorter then the back and there should be short bangs, not the ones that go over one eye. also one small section of the hair should be dyed another color or there should be another color coming from the roots down. oh and dont forget to not wash your hair you want the grease. the Greaser the better (its more scene)
OMGZ!! look at my new scene hair dont you love the blonde part lolzzzz ^_^.

it looks like xstaceyx's from myspace

shutthefuckup >_< .
by letsbebestfriends March 08, 2006

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