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There is no "scene."
It's all just an image.
The end.
I can't do that, it's not "scene."
by sinderella x May 27, 2006
basically, scene kids are anyone who conforms to the latest trends. they think they are individuals who are different from everyone, but they are really just copying people, and being posers.They should try to find there own style instead of copying everyone elses. most scene kids have a myspace, and flaunt themselves around to everyone else. they think they dress cooler than everyone else, and they think they start all the newest trends (like footless tights) even though those have been around since the 80's. they also think that all the bands they listen to are bands no one has ever heard of before, and if anyone else says they like that certain band, they will automatically think the person is a poser, even if they really arent. they take hundreds of pictures of themselves, trying to show how "punk" or "emo" they are. real punk or emo kids probably dont even have a myspace. They also like to use little "x's" in random words when they write.

scene kids can go get a life.
scene kid: "OMG!!! i am like so totally hardxcore and scene.
true punk/emo: shut up. u suck. stop being such a poser.
scene kid: what the hell! i am punk, and totally scene.
true punk/emo: riiiiiiight. you think that.
by ANONYMOUS184372 May 16, 2006
kids that live on myspace and take about 70 pictures of themselves in their bathrooms because its the only way they know they look perfect. boys and girls have the same haircuts. they also wear more black on their face than a football player. they also wear what some call fashonxcore clothes hoping to turn heads. and, if this hasnt brought enough desired attention, they cut. acting like they know a thing about being a tortured soul. for their myspace headlines they also use names like "cut-up-angel" or something like that. and alot of them are suburban kids. they always talk about killing themselves because, you know, they're SO TORTURED.
1.) stop wasting the air. you dont appreciate it anyways.

2.) excuse me while i run you over with my car.

3.) fantastic. you can use a camera. go shove it up your ass.

4.) Scene kid: check the 27 kajillion new pictures i just added of myself standing in my bathroom doing nothing!
Other scene kid: awesome make sure you comment on mine too!
by Skonyia April 30, 2006
justin: (speeks in a really camp voice) omfgzz dude where did you get that panic! t-shirt from .. like i so have to have one.its so scene
Mellissa:i aint a dude and i got it off ebay .. cuz im radxcore .. im too scene !
by bob.yourmom April 07, 2006
Fake; Mean; Selfish; Someone who puts on an act to seem cool and get accepted or gain more "scene" friends; Someone who will use others to seem more "scene" or cool; They think "being scene" makes them cool and seem like a badass; Follows "scene" trends, like little kid hair bows ect; Goes to shows to strut there "scene-ness", not the music; Is on myspace every chance they get; Extremly immature; Acts like a small child to seem cute; Enjoys starting problems with people; Use to be preps, and wiggers before they decided to become "scene". Uses terms like "stfu", "rad", "rofl", "shi" & many more.
-These "scene" girls started problems with me today.
-You look so "scene" with your little sisters bow in your hair.
by Koehler January 11, 2006
a complete oxymoron, dumb people trying not to fit in but end up looking like everyone else
scene kid: im so anti establishment cause i dress like everyone else
by sanchz369 December 07, 2005
scenesters are the most self centered annoying conceited idiots that i have ever met in my life how sad i share many of the same qualitys ie: hair piercings tattos myspace but i am not scene if you were to talk to me at a show i would talk to you and be nice whereas these lil scenesters look at you like some kind of bug they just stepped on. you know that look of contempt im better than you im soo scene it hurts. go to see your "favorite" band but don't know the lyrics. check out their leader the 1 and only jefree starr the worst drag queen ever
Typical scene conversation
girl 1 like stfu dye me hair
girl 2 oh emm gee i love my boyfriend of 2 minutes
boy lets get married your my soulmate lets cry together
girl 2 (writing on arm) I <3 POOP
by michee September 28, 2005