(adj.) Emo, but happy. Too happy. Happy so you want to hurt them enough to make them become proper emos.
That girl looks like something out of the eighties... she must be scene.
by Kiya The Heretic August 26, 2006

1. Big sunglasses.

2. Act childish.


4. Obsession with little boy toys, and even girls. Dinosaurs, poke-a-dots, big bows, pink poofy dresses, etc.

5. Go to hardcore shows to meet up with their myspace boyfriends. If you can't find them, ask someone where the person with the 4 bandanas around his neck is.

6. Double the i's and the &&'s.. "&& ii still l0ve y0u!"

7. Go to hardcore shows to get scene points. They can earn these scene points by who's standing furthest in the back, who has more layers in their hair, who has more eyeshadow colors on, who's sunglasses are bigger, who's pearls are shinier, who's bow is bigger and has more pok-a-dots, etc.

8. they talk shit to the wrong people, and run away when they get punched in the face.

9. try to fashion someone out.

10. waer the most random and ugliest clothes.
oh shiit d00d. i earned 500 points with my fashionxcore outfit at the hardcore show last night; then ii got punched in the face by some br00tal tuff bitch && she BROKE MY XXL SUNGLASSES!!!!!! dammn!! i am such a scene girl!
by Erika love. July 23, 2006
A style whose origin no one is sure of. Probably begain in the late eighties to early ninties (of cource, at that time, they were not labeled as scene). The 'scene' itself refers to the 'music scene'. In recent times, mostly since the dawn of Myspace onto our generation, the style itself spawned into quite a craze. Most everyone tries to be scene in one way or another, but might not realize it. The real scene kids are almost non-existant anymore. Now, it is a large clique of bitchy fifteen year old girls and their boyfriends, who are usually afraid to stand up to their girls, because they don't want to mess up their hair. Scene girls have short, razored, choppy hair that is uneven because they cut it themselves. God forbid someone else interpret who you are by cutting such a precious thing to you as your hair. They usually wear extremely tight, peg leg, or skinny jeans, and even tighter shirts. They wear obnoxious patterns, mostly polka dots, stripes, or dinosaurs/robots. They also usually wear tacky jewlery and hair accessories that were meant to be worn by little girls. Ballet flats are a must. Horn rimmed glasses, also, but you better hope someone doesn't mistake you for emo. They take myspace pictures from oh-so-flattering angles in which you can only see approximately 1/5th of their faces. The part of their face you CAN see usually makes them look very xxtuff. They wear way too much makeup, mostly consisting of thick, chunky black eyeliner and brightly colored eye-smudge or eye shadow that should have been abandoned in approximately 1982. Scene girls own the most enormous sunglasses imaginable. The bigger the better. They claim to be original. To call a scene kid original is to give them the best compliment in the world. Scene boys generally have greasy, unkempt black hair, with or without blonde highlights. They wear extremely tight jeans, and extremely tight band shirts for bands they either haven't heard of, or heard one of their songs once and MAN WERE THEY HxC. They usually have a snake bite, or talk about getting one often. Both species share their love for the scene and their originality on their myspaces. They usually have skinny, simple layouts in which they reveal only enough information for you to know how scene they are. Their myspace display names almost always have brackets in them. Usually these brackets contain something clever and thought up between a group of scene friends, to represent their love for each other and their sceneness. Some such examples being: "GLMRT", "NCCAxCORE", "FCKN FGT", "DONT FRGET ME", "ON VCTN TILL THE FFTH", "LV ME SOME LVN", etc, etc. They ONLY listen to so called 'underground' bands, and they get very upset when such a band becomes mainstream. Trends involving the scene usually get started on myspace, and end on myspace. Scene kids do not like vowels. They type in obnoxious and totally unneccessary abbreviations that make even the simplest statements hard to follow, such as: bby, fck, fckn, fgt, attn, and kthxbi. A remarkable number of scene boys are bisexual. My question is, is it a trend, or is something in the water? Not that there is anything wrong with being bisexual, but in the last year or so I have noticed the number of people I know that are bisexual at least quadrupeled. And I avoid associating myself with scene kids. Scene kids love to start myspace wars. That way they can show off how xtuff they are without actually having to fight anyone. Because they know they would lose. Its like being a tease, except instead of sex, its with empty threats. While in recent times, many scene kids smoked weed and ciggerettes, the new thing is straight edge. Most scene kids have now proclaimed their straight edgedness proudly in the last few months. This trend is now fading with the realization of its mainstreamness. Another obvious trait of a scene kid is his or her love for using x's in their screennames and typing in general. Many have terribly original screennames like xxLOST MF LOVE, and GUNtoMyHexxD. xCore was a favorite of theirs until they figured out that everyone was using it to make fun of them. Majority of scene girls are really valley girls that think they're hardcore. All scene kids like all scene kids. They might secretly hate another fellow scenester, but can't say it, because for some reason all of the little scene girls seem to feel an urge to flock with their own type. Go to any scene girl (or guy, for that matter)'s myspace, and if they have a top eight, which they probably won't, because they have so many friends they just couldn't choose who was cool enough to be on their top eight, look at the default pictures for all those on this sacred gathering of friends. I guarentee you they all look very similar. Cloning? No. Its the scene.
Lyke OMGZ. That fckn jrk thnks he can mss wth my bby. I ran out of hrspry. Omgz. My bby's fckn fghtng smne ovr <3<3<3<3MYSPACE<3<3<3<3. Lyke Chrstna, do you fckn wnna join and btch ths fkr out ovr <3<3<3<3MYSPACE<3<3<3<3 to lyke hlp my bby? Wait, h//o;;. I gtta tke sm pcs of me fr my <3<3<3<3MYSPACE<3<3<3<3. Fckn dnt go, u fckn hoe. cuntxxcore. I fckn lv yu. I mst be scn. <scene kid, attempting to talk.
by OMFCKNGDxxCORE July 16, 2006
people seem to believe that scene is just the way you look. Yes, partically true. Scene is also attending shows almost everyday. to be scene you must be seen. this means you can't just say your scene and have never been to a show. many posers seem to believe that you can be scene without going to shows.
scene kid: Can I have aride to the show tonight
scene kid 2:mosdef.
scene kid:kthanks
by hoez July 11, 2006

-cut and dye their own hair
-love the side "pony-tail"
-side bangs are a must
-wear "cut-off" shorts
-alter their own jeans into straight legs
-a big fan of the over-sized purses
-"bug-eye" sun-glasses are always a crowd pleaser
-head bands in all sorts of colors
-and for all true scenester...CAMO

"That girl is serisouly soooo scene, i mean look at her hair, and those sun-glasses, definately."
by dinolove June 02, 2006
There is no "scene."
It's all just an image.
The end.
I can't do that, it's not "scene."
by sinderella x May 27, 2006
kids that live on myspace and take about 70 pictures of themselves in their bathrooms because its the only way they know they look perfect. boys and girls have the same haircuts. they also wear more black on their face than a football player. they also wear what some call fashonxcore clothes hoping to turn heads. and, if this hasnt brought enough desired attention, they cut. acting like they know a thing about being a tortured soul. for their myspace headlines they also use names like "cut-up-angel" or something like that. and alot of them are suburban kids. they always talk about killing themselves because, you know, they're SO TORTURED.
1.) stop wasting the air. you dont appreciate it anyways.

2.) excuse me while i run you over with my car.

3.) fantastic. you can use a camera. go shove it up your ass.

4.) Scene kid: check the 27 kajillion new pictures i just added of myself standing in my bathroom doing nothing!
Other scene kid: awesome make sure you comment on mine too!
by Skonyia April 30, 2006

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