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A scene jumper is not a poser. A scene jumper is active in more than one music scene. If you were to reject a certain type of music in order to avoid being called a scene jumper that would make you a poser.Liking more than one type of music and attending shows i.e being an active part of that scene as well as another scene makes you a scene jumper. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just being versatile.

Kid One- Likes Pop, tells friends he likes hardcore when he doesn't, goes to shows and doesn't like the music, dresses what he thinks he should = Poser

Teen Two- Likes Rap & Likes Screamo, goes to rap and screamo shows and concerts, is honest with his friends he likes both kinds of music= Scene Jumper

Teen Three- Likes Rap Only, Dresses "scene", goes to rap shows = Loyal to rap music, not a poser not a scene jumper
I like all kinds of music and go to all kinds of shows. I'm a scene jumper. Don't like it? Oh well...
by DCCD October 09, 2006
Someone who is a part of a underground scene one day, and later "jumps" to another scene. This is a common ocurrence between the underground punk rock scene and other styles of music such as "emo."

This is also commonly associated with being a poser, as in not being a true part of a scene or lifestyle.

See scene whore and poser.
Johnny is such a scene jumper. Yesterday he was listening to NOFX, but now he's all about Coheed and Cambria.

He's is such a poser. He used to dress "punk" and didn't even like the music, and now he listens to hip hop. What a scene jumper.
by analog November 23, 2004
a trendy poser someone who is scene is trendy and there for to jump from scene to scene you are a poser! I do not think this term is cool. It sucks bad but it is now being used by big posers pussies!
Joe is a scenejumper. One minute he likes Weezer and the next minute he likes Lamb of God. He is a scenejumper.
by antiscene June 27, 2005
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