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Torvalds wrote the original Linux kernel. Basically, the creator of Linux itself.
Linus is God
by analog November 15, 2003
Someone who is a part of a underground scene one day, and later "jumps" to another scene. This is a common ocurrence between the underground punk rock scene and other styles of music such as "emo."

This is also commonly associated with being a poser, as in not being a true part of a scene or lifestyle.

See scene whore and poser.
Johnny is such a scene jumper. Yesterday he was listening to NOFX, but now he's all about Coheed and Cambria.

He's is such a poser. He used to dress "punk" and didn't even like the music, and now he listens to hip hop. What a scene jumper.
by analog November 23, 2004
To bong rip, or rip the bong.

To inhale smoked marijuana from a water pipe.

shiet nikka letz take some fuckin brips and kick a freestyle over some madlib instrumentals yo.
by analog March 18, 2004

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