Italian slang that can be non-literally translated to: "It's the cruel...isn't it?".
Often is used when someone does something hurting or annoying to another people, after giving him large pre-warning of where his actions would take him.
"Don't do that boy..."
"I Say DON'T DO THAT boy"
"Ok, you've done it"...BANG! BANG!
"Scazza" (while looking at his flat laying body...
by Erebus July 17, 2004
Top Definition
Italian slang (for a small group of people) derived from a 'bad' word
The meaning could be resumed with:"I know you think it's not fair but it's
not my problem" usually tied with a shrug.
Play a fps a figure stay without move chatting when another turn the corner
and kill the one.
"Hei, I was chatting there..."
by Luka Adesso July 16, 2004
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