Function: verb/adjective
Etymology: Etymology: Middle English, from Old English scafan; Lithuanian skobti to pluck
Date: 1988

transitive verb
1: to take or borrow ; Chiefly cigarettes aka: skave ; Assoc. bogart
1: one who takes or borrows
Unfortunately, my neighbor saw the pizza delivery guy's car, came over and scaved a few slices.

Dude, she drank all my beer. What a freaken' scave.
by mchamptn1 March 01, 2009
Top Definition
A violent cut or scarring; a large gash; v: making a large gash. verb and or noun
"Move one inch and I'll scave you with this knife!"
by PhantomLion December 31, 2006
a dirty ass whore; a dirty slut's vagina
damn i could smell that scave a mile away! had to pull out a can of scave-away
by ntshan February 26, 2003
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