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a "city" within Toronto which is also known as Scarborough. Known as the most violent and crime filled part of Toronto. It has a very diverse population of ethnic minorities. Such as Jamacians, Tamils, Guyanese&Trinis, and asians. Scartown is very similar to Markham by means of population and multiculturism. Consists of both WEST and EAST side people.
puffy: yoo what part of toronto u from?

shyne: SCARTOWN nikka...home of da real O.G.'Z
by scarborougH September 30, 2006
The name of the sketch Toronto suburb Scarborough, as mentioned in various rap songs.
All my friends from Scar Town got killed in drive-bys.
by veronica123456789 December 22, 2005
Scarborough, Toronto....crime central of tha dot,T Dot, niggaz,latinoz,tamilz,desiz,essays,and da triad.
yo nigga, wanna hit by scartown toniite
by american_psycho July 11, 2004
An underground melodic death metal band from Moscow, Russia. Previously known as The Neverland
Scartown rocks.
by NiCKEH2222 July 20, 2011
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