n. Mayhem, mischief, and general disarray, usually caused by drunken fraternity members between the ages of 18 and 21.
See also Xi Xi.
The broken windows, bottles, bones, and cherries were evidence that a considerably amount of scarn had taken place the previous night.
by Jimmy Baseball May 07, 2005
"what's going on" abreviated. can also say Whatscarn?
person 1: Scarn bro?
person 2: NM scarn wit you?
person 1: yeah bruv NM
by Ox_man May 13, 2008
Scarn on? Usually used by The Boys, especially when in reference to a hard day down at Dunt Pub.
e.g. - Daz, Scarn?

Daz: Yeah, scarn?
Maz: Yeah scarn? kick on?
Daz: friday?
maz: true.
by scarnondaz August 19, 2008

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