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basically means 'whats going on'
whats scar non around here
by britt_omgz September 30, 2006
69 18
A shortened version of the question, "What's going on?" Utilising poorer grammar and said mostly by persons with mullets, or persons impersonating persons with said mullets.
"Scarnon goose? Ya bash tha kent?"
by STEVENEVETS April 23, 2007
27 7
Cool slang for " What's going on?!"
Now say it bitch!
Oi Bro, WTF is Scar-non????
by Nob June 18, 2006
25 6
Shortened version of the greeting "What's going on?"
"'scarnon, Macka?"

"Hey mate, 'scarnon?"
by Katie Murphy June 28, 2006
43 25
Scarnon: whats-going-on? A phrase used quickly to shorten a boring sentence which is used much too often.
Hey scarnon fellas?
scarnon mate?
Often used to ask how someone is going, what is going on? Scarnon can be used in many situations.It is also good as confusing people who are trying to learn English.
by fifi the great mcdoogler November 23, 2007
19 6
Aussie slang for "what's going on?"
Guy- "Scarn on mate?"
Ting- "Nothin, just goin for a sesh mate"
by Tingy64 November 16, 2008
11 0
a way of saying the term "whats going on" with a heavy Australian guise.
frank: "scarnon"
fred: "not much mate, i just had sex with a goat"
by trkysb July 26, 2009
10 4