A scarfy is a pretentious indie or theatre kid, who would usually engage in activities such as eating their lunch in the photography room or spending free blocks in the "art hallway." They generally listen to horrible music which usually consists of acoustics too quiet to hear, extremely loud drums, and vocals that give you a migrain, which they may think are "deep" or "profound" but are actually complete and utter horse shit. They are characterized by the scarfs they wear year round.
Did you hear about David? Yeah, what a shame, 1 month of being in theatre and he's already a scarfy.
by HeLLzMaTtX2 January 31, 2007
Top Definition
1) The best god damn movie in the whole intire world.

2) A person who goes to Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand
me:have you seen scarfies?
random: No
me: well you should you fuckwit
by A_L_E_X August 05, 2005
1. An adjective referring to anything that goes beyond trendy and hip.

2. An adjective meaning anything that is unnecessarily trendy and serving no true function.

The word has become commonplace as a substitute for using the term hipster.
Mary: I've switched to only drinking herbal teas from fair-trade shops.

Jane: Mary, you are so scarfy.
by bennyDNGR July 12, 2013
an adjective, a nasty mangy looking object, person or animal.
My moms dog is full of fleas and very scarfy.
Stop giving me the scarfy pillow!!
by chere577 June 22, 2012
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