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A Kiwi university student. Specifically, a student at the University of Otago in Dunedin.
person 1: "There were heaps of scarfies at $1 draft night at the Captain Cook pub."
Person 2: "No shit"
by sundown July 24, 2005
When you try to cover up your hickies with a scarf.
"Janice must of partied too hard last night. Now she's chucking a scarfie."
by heh-hey January 19, 2016
A Muslim woman who wears the head scarf just for show. Who doesn't understand the significance of it and has promiscuos, shallow, and wild tendancies.
I don't know why that girl wears the hijab. She has the worst reputation. She's such a scarfie!
by samer33 April 16, 2011
Awesome muslim women who observe the hijab donning the headscarf, particularly one that attends the U of C who incorporates a doily'ish piece into hers making her stand out from the rest of the 'uniscarfies'
Man 1: There's a lot of scarfies around here eh?

Man 2: Yeah, but they're all rich with mansions and servants back in Lebanon.

Man 1: Scarfie Power
by lkn' for love December 02, 2006
Someone who is ultra emo and needs to let the world know how sad they really are by wearing a scarf at all times throughout the year.
Goto any emo punkrock show to view this species of emo kid.
by Dan Mariotti April 03, 2005
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