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A cop car that was once a cop car, but after a police auction or something, it is now in the hands of just some random person. (It may or may not have all the accessories a normal cop car has). When driving down the road in a neighborhood, it may scare the crap out of some people who are on the road into slowing their vehicles down so they don't get busted. It may even disperse a potential drug deal in progress.
(Crack deal in progress)

Tom: A'ight, man, hit me up wit' some udda good stuff.
Alec: Aww, shit! Hold up hold up.. Looks like we got some 5-0.
Tom: Man, that ain't the popos.. It's a damn scare-mobile!
Alec: Damn, that was close. Damn scare-mobiles got me all shook up an' shit.
by Da Baba March 11, 2010
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