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Teacher Definition:
Common form of multiple choice testing in which the teacher does not have to go through the monotony of hand grading each test.

Student Definition:
Annoying lottery tickets in which prizes are delagated with letters A through F often given for finals or other annoyingly hard tests in which the teacher is too lazy to take partial credit.
::Math Test Senario:
Bendy Dickens: Psst! Hey man what'd you get for 6, 7, and 8?
Doya Swallow: FAG!
Bendy Dickens: Imma break yo gook ass in half!*
Doya Swallow: Naw, Jack Ass! It's a scantron, F, A, G then ACDC.
*Asians are smart in math.
by eliteskills.com May 18, 2004