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4 letter word subject class popularized in the United States without a clear purpose or direction of application.


Elementary- The basics of addition, substraction, multiplication and division are learned.

Middle School- Basics of algebra for apparently 3 years. Learn to lose all primary math skills with the introduction of uber calculators.

High School-

>> Algebra again, reteaching everything done in middle school in about a week.

>> Geometry, learn how much a cup can hold and how to plug numbers in, in place of letters.

>> Algebra 2, finally figure out functions are just equations of primary math that you plug numbers into. No previous algebra experience necessary to pass. Screw around with moving letters around all year.

>> Calculus, learn how to calculate the volume of a donut and the area under the curves of random lines using differential calculations. Useful, but the calculator does it faster and more accurately and generally common sense guesses will suffice. Get lots of homework and an unintelligible foreign teacher.

>> Statistics, what are the odds of you failing that class? Practice the statistical probability by using your scantron tests as one big lottery ticket.
y=ln(e^(rt)+x) wtf that ain't no math that all letters and a chinese hat biatch! Friggin math class!
by eliteskills.com April 26, 2004
>> Good Poetry
Indirectly stating what you mean or directly stating something that parallels what you really mean. Adding depth and making the reader use their wit through parallels in indirect examples allows for powerful connections and is characterized as poetic writing. Commonly created by patience in organization and witty connections.

>> Cliche Poetry
Often misused and abuse by depressed teen girls (see self proclaimed genius) as they vent a conversation of themselves talking to about or to something that they have relationship problems with. They address the thing they have emotional conflicts with as "you", spoon feed their emotions, add some rhetorical questions, repetition, sometimes end rhyme, and call it a poem. (see venting tool) Common themes are, you don't know me, why are you so mean, definitions of; love, death, innocense, etc., you'll cry when I die, and you'll never understand me.
1. Listen to my venti...poetry ^^ I wrote it in 20 seconds, amn't I a genius!?
2. You goth, go write your poetry. Don't sit at our table.
3. That was great poetry! It really said many things between the lines and was very intelligently organized.
by eliteskills.com May 10, 2004
White boy. Also known as cracker, cracka, and gringo. This is an inverted sytax spanish phrase literally meaning "white boy" used in a ghetto voice over(none the less very cool) parody of the GI-Joe cartoon lessons.
1. Get in my truck Blanco Nino, I have candy.
2. STFU Blanco Nino, quit talking about the chapelle show.
by eliteskills.com April 25, 2004
Teacher Definition:
Common form of multiple choice testing in which the teacher does not have to go through the monotony of hand grading each test.

Student Definition:
Annoying lottery tickets in which prizes are delagated with letters A through F often given for finals or other annoyingly hard tests in which the teacher is too lazy to take partial credit.
::Math Test Senario:
Bendy Dickens: Psst! Hey man what'd you get for 6, 7, and 8?
Doya Swallow: FAG!
Bendy Dickens: Imma break yo gook ass in half!*
Doya Swallow: Naw, Jack Ass! It's a scantron, F, A, G then ACDC.
*Asians are smart in math.
by eliteskills.com May 18, 2004
1. Offensive slang for "hey you" for people who want to act like snakes.
2. A pissing sound.
3. A sound used to call attention to someone in quiet cirumstances for a pseudo-slick impression.
4. A trick. The psst sound is draw, they come to wisper something in your ear while another kid sets up on all 4s behind your legs, then you're on your ass. Usually followed by a, "hahahaha, idiot." and sometimes a gunshot.
Dude! Quite peeing on my desk!
by eliteskills.com May 18, 2004

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