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another way of spelling/saying scandalous. someone who is sneaky, scurvy...etc.
man, jessica is a scantless bitch.
by maniak killette April 01, 2004
A word ghetto people use to describe some thing that is offensive or shocking when they don't know that the actual word is "Scandalous".
Did you hear about Sha'quan and the gym teacher? That shit is scantless!!
by TattooedPhoenix May 19, 2009
Actions in which a fair contribution is not made and/or the general character of the action is dishonest or cheap for personal gain.
Someone is scantless when they claim they don't have enough money, but then ask you to make change.
by NicNac March 03, 2012
1, adj. Cheap, rude

Used by people of Six Nations Territory.
Holy heck, she's ever scantless for not sending me more corn soup!

There's no scones left? How scantless!!
by SixNay July 16, 2009
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