What the Ashleys say on Recess every five seconds.
"OoOoH, scanDALous!"
by evila November 03, 2003
a trickery person, always trying to trick somebody!
Sister: Eh Bro smoke me out

Bro: I only have one bowl for myself

Sister: oh ok (closes the door)

Bro: what were you doing in there?

Sister: Smoking!

Bro: wait a minute...you were trying to smoke my weed but you have your OWN weed?

Sister: Yezzir

Bro: you are so scandalous!
by Patté July 05, 2007
something that happens that people will talk about.
*lacy and tommy did it in the pool!
*wow that is deffinetly scandalous
by Meli-boo December 28, 2007
Girls often say it to expess many things.
1. Emily -Geena, I'm going to steal Becky's boyfriend
Geena -OOOH scanalous

2. Emily - I just got an A on Mr. Haggards test!
Geena - So did I!
Emily - Scandalous!
by Emilu January 17, 2008
see def. 1 and 3 of "out cold".
1.That nigga scandalous; he stole his own mama's TV! 2.Don't do that scandalous shit no mo'.
by warewoof September 11, 2003
word used only by "special" people, to define something SCANDALOUS or (un) sparkle. As cobra Starship says. S-C-A-N-D-to tha A L- OUS. Can't handle it, can't handle it. Damn that girl she's scandalous!
THAT girl is Scandalous like a bus.
by Sparkle45644 October 08, 2008
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