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To run or hurry away from something, usually a fat chick at a party.
Dawg, i just scampered away from this Betty McNasty, I can't belive I away from her huge gaping hagina!!!
by coby March 02, 2003
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a wet and moist Vagina that has a smell to it, that makes you run away with your nose in the air.
That was one hell of a scamper. I ran so fast from that ho.
by sp9ecialK March 03, 2003
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...Scamper. Fuck. I hate myself.
by Captain_Jack September 18, 2006
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a person who is mentally/physically handicapped
"hey ted, look at that scamper jumping up and down on the play set."

"goddam scampers always gotta show on thursday, they shit all over the place."
by fredrick ralph smith March 12, 2010
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