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scame refers to an acronym utilized by the Psyop Community. It is conducive to "counter-propaganda," in that, it eludes to source, content, audience, media used, and effect of the propaganda. To s.c.a.m.e. propaganda, refers to one's attempt to analyze the content of said propaganda using techniques taught at the JFK Special Warfare Training Center. It is often missused to desribe someone tricking another into a well devised scheme
That guy is always trying to "scame" somebody! (misuse)

Did you do a "scame" report on the enemy propaganda? (proper)
by Mason West October 26, 2007
The ship name for the amazing relationship of Scott and James.
Normal shipper: So who are your OTP's?

An Undeserving: Klaine, Neff and SCAAAAMES!!
Normal shipper: ...who are Scames?
An Undeserving: Haha. Scames.
Normal shipper: ...
An Undeserving: Scaaaaaames.
by elvirawr March 21, 2012
1. To scare one into premature ejaculation

2. The art of scamming one into having sex
1. "Dude, I totally got scamedlast night! Her parents came home early, and I freaked and totally blew my load." -or- "Sure, we'll have sex at your place, as long as your parents don't come home early and scame me like they did last time."

2. "Hey, you see that girl over there? I scamed her the other night." -or- "I'm totally gonna try to scame that girl/guy tonight. Back me up."
by Lyss & Tom October 06, 2008
To scold someone by using their name
Will: Bobby! Don't do that! Bobby! Stop Doing that!
Mother: Please don't Scame Bobby.
by LaleG June 18, 2010
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