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Scam texts are when you accidentally leave your phone with someone; mostly of the opposite sex and you have your friends text you for two reasons:

1. You want the person with your phone to think that you are popular and many people of all varieties are texting you.

2. You want to use that scam text as a base to see if the person with your phone is nosey and/or has gone through your phone knowing you have that scam text waiting for you.
Hy Claire, can you send me a "scam text" to my phone....I left it with my boyfriend and I want to see how nosey he is !!

Hey Jonathan, Chris, Tom, Jodi, and basically my whole address book in my phone, can you send me a "scam text" to my phone so my boyrfriend/girlfriend thinks I have lots of friends?
by scabes November 24, 2010

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