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Similar in style to the Scottish tam-o-shanter, the Irish scally cap provides no protection from the sun, but coves the top of the head from the cold, and has a small front brim. Mostly found in leather or wool. During the 1980's was a trend in places such as Australia and the US and Canada.
"Is that a new scally cap you're got on your head, John?"
"Aye, made o' the finest grey wool."
by Campion Mahony December 14, 2003
a hat that hoogilans where as 1the dance on your skull then drink a pint afterwords 2irish hat made out of wool,driveing hat,bookies where them,skinhead love to wear them.
hey look I got a new scallycap yes.
all those guy in the bar scare me they where wearing scallycap and drinking stout and playing dropkick.
by beerstainedhooligan October 26, 2008
cap worn by a scally. also known as a burbee cap, beanie, and train conductor's cap.
by Jimmy October 13, 2003