2. A bad artist. Someone lacking in formal artistic training
Dan: Thats some awful art over there.

Andy: $10000, that must be a Scalavino or something.
by FAPED January 08, 2009
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Being obsessed and falling in love with someone that you just met regardless of distance.
My friend got all scalavino with a girl that lives in Delaware.
by k brooks January 15, 2009
someone with no formal artistic training (tinkle tinkle)
Damn i'm in deep Scalavino , my lite brite bulb went out , that dog lady in going to have my ass!!
by bleedsoe9mm January 08, 2009
1. A pompous man
Fred: "Look at that guy with the big nose"

Andy: "He must be one of those Scalavino people"
by FAPED January 07, 2009
3. a sexual act involving a paintbrush and a Tight end.
Andy: Did you hear about Erik?
Fred: What?
Andy: Instead of selling his art, he was in his PFW cubicle having a Scalavino
by FAPED January 08, 2009

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