1. A pompous man
Fred: "Look at that guy with the big nose"

Andy: "He must be one of those Scalavino people"
by FAPED January 07, 2009
Top Definition
Being obsessed and falling in love with someone that you just met regardless of distance.
My friend got all scalavino with a girl that lives in Delaware.
by k brooks January 15, 2009
someone with no formal artistic training (tinkle tinkle)
Damn i'm in deep Scalavino , my lite brite bulb went out , that dog lady in going to have my ass!!
by bleedsoe9mm January 08, 2009
3. a sexual act involving a paintbrush and a Tight end.
Andy: Did you hear about Erik?
Fred: What?
Andy: Instead of selling his art, he was in his PFW cubicle having a Scalavino
by FAPED January 08, 2009
2. A bad artist. Someone lacking in formal artistic training
Dan: Thats some awful art over there.

Andy: $10000, that must be a Scalavino or something.
by FAPED January 08, 2009
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