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to get lost; to piss off.(the latter not meaning to urinate but to technically remove yourself from a person's presence.
if an eager man approaches you(a lady) at a bar and says, "hey there babe" you can reply and say "scadaddle you dumb puff, im not iterested"
by h.n May 20, 2003
13 30
to get out of my face, go annoy someone else.
when a grenade is talking and being annoying you give her the *hand/ finger movement* and say "ugh scadaddle"!
by migg247 September 11, 2010
87 12
to leave, that's it just to leave. It just means to go away.
"well I think I'm going to scadaddle, I'll see you later"
by Regifter February 11, 2007
48 21