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A girl who slags innocent people off and stabs you in the back. They have mental tendancies and are always grim. Warning, never leave leave a scab ryan alone with your boyfriend. You don't even want to know what a scab ryan would do.
Izzy: Eughh that girl has disgusting, long, brown, manky hair.
Sophie: Ewww what a scab ryan.
Izzy: SCAB RYAN?! Not one of those horrible girls who gets with friends' exes and go psycho slating everyone.
Sophie: Yeah, she's one of them. Called me a sket face and Cruella De Ville the other day. She's mental. I hope she never comes near me again.
Izzy. Don't worry, you'e the prettiest girl I know and she's just a scab!
by SophieIzzy January 14, 2011

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