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saggy boobs; a boob that hangs lower than it should
damn, that old lady has got some nasty sboobs
by el moolah April 07, 2007
Boobs that are bigger then normal.
Breast implants. (SBOOBS).Can Be a boob job. Bigger boobs then boobs that are already huge.
by ADDICTED365 February 13, 2011
A mix between the urban word sgeg (meaning Penis) and boobs ( Common parlance: a woman's breast).

Refers to the act of insering a penis between the breasts.
John: "She's gonna get some sboobs tonight"
Meaning: yes, i'm gonna give it to her right there between her boobs.
by realmeanings April 09, 2010
A palindrome that also makes for the name of a great cereal; chock full of nutrients like a mother's milk!
Mom! These 'sboobs' sure are tasty, and they give me all the vitamins I'll ever need to stay healthy strong! Awww heck, thanks a bunch!
by myclue May 22, 2006
a loser; moron; dumbshit; worthless piece of shit; see fuckface
What a sboob.
Nice try, you sboob.
Don't be his friend, cuz he's a sboob.
by Michael July 13, 2004
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