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saggy boobs; a boob that hangs lower than it should
damn, that old lady has got some nasty sboobs
by el moolah April 07, 2007
14 9
A jumpsuit
WOW! What a fine plethora of sboobs you have there!
by dancabiff May 02, 2011
1 0
More commonly known as and referred to as Sweaty Boobs.
nice sboobs
by BoobMaster95 April 27, 2011
2 1
Boobs that are bigger then normal.
Breast implants. (SBOOBS).Can Be a boob job. Bigger boobs then boobs that are already huge.
by ADDICTED365 February 13, 2011
0 1
A mix between the urban word sgeg (meaning Penis) and boobs ( Common parlance: a woman's breast).

Refers to the act of insering a penis between the breasts.
John: "She's gonna get some sboobs tonight"
Meaning: yes, i'm gonna give it to her right there between her boobs.
by realmeanings April 09, 2010
2 5
A palindrome that also makes for the name of a great cereal; chock full of nutrients like a mother's milk!
Mom! These 'sboobs' sure are tasty, and they give me all the vitamins I'll ever need to stay healthy strong! Awww heck, thanks a bunch!
by myclue May 22, 2006
6 9
a loser; moron; dumbshit; worthless piece of shit; see fuckface
What a sboob.
Nice try, you sboob.
Don't be his friend, cuz he's a sboob.
by Michael July 13, 2004
11 15