generally a drama queen who doesnt get over things easily
No one really knows what his deal is
Someone who everyone knows will come out of the closet soon....
-Is that Sawyer?
-Ya, what a doucher

-Whats up with this Sawyer? Doesnt he have any friends?
by sendra May 27, 2009
firecrotch bitch
Look at that sawyer doing the stanky leg.
by qtpie88 May 05, 2009
bleech greecy blonde hair, sweaty, smelly, craier field of zits
that kid looks like a sawyer
by cool kid111 November 25, 2009
generally a term used for a faggot
Dude ur such a sawyer, everytime u go sky diving ur ass whistles
by Ass wipe 12111 November 10, 2008
A "Sawyer" is a person that fail's at everything they do, but claim to be the best at all the said activities. The "Sawyer Bruer" in question can also be over weight, lazy, stupid or a horrible fellow sportsman or hobbiest.
"Hey retard, get of the track your slower than Sawyer!"

"Don't tell me how to set up my car, your were slower than Sawyer!"

"Hey, fuck you Sawyer!"
by R/CRacer69 October 28, 2009
To suck off 2 of you best friends for 4 packs of milds
Man Im about to sawyer someone i need a smoke.
by sawyer0010 September 28, 2007

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