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Jesus Christ. Born in Bethleham, raised in Navareth, did miracles in Jerusalem, walked on water, pissed off religious people, was crucified for the sins of the world, went to hell, fought satan, whooped him good, was raised from the dead, sits on a throne, is waiting for his enemies to become his footstool. Holla.
Whatcha waitin' on. Get saved. You'll still be cool. I'm saved and I'm cool.
by Abbott Brooks January 28, 2004
One who provides resources above and beyond the resources available.
"My code (javascript) is going to 'save' this company." --Kelly, aka corporate savior
by Jimbaround July 10, 2008
your reflection in the mirror
john wondered exactly who was going to 'save' him, then happened to look in the mirror; seeing his savior.

even though judy packed a high degree of 'bargaining power', she saw her savior in the mirror!
by michael foolsley November 01, 2011
1: A Democratic Candidate for high office who has transcended the normal expectations that political candidates inspire, and has joined the ranks of those rare souls who singlehandedly change the fate of their people, such as Ghandi or (since we're firmly in the cartoon universe here) Fidel Castro.

Saviors have all the answers, can do no wrong, are pure of heart, brilliantly intelligent, and morally incorruptible. They have the brains of the scarecrow, the compassion of the tin man, the courage of the cowardly lion, and the purity of Dorothy.

Democratic Candidates fall into one of two categories: Saviors or Mechanics.
"Barak Obama is a classic example of a 'Savior'. His followers don't seem him as a politician at all, but as someone who is going to usher in a bright new day, who is going fix all of society's problems, and unify all contentious factions. He himself is brilliant and a moral exemplar of all that is good about humanity."
by lafinatu February 21, 2009
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