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To taint something beyond redemption, like his crimes tainted Jimmy Saville's memory.
There is no way I'm eating that. The dog savilled it when he licked it.
by Bob Alob January 16, 2013
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Verb: Inappropriate touching causing feelings of unease to the touched party.
Also a scale of 1 to 10 by which to measure inappropriate touching, 1 being a creepy limp hand stroking 10 being full molestation.
I don't like that guy, my friend said he savilled her the other night, only a 2 though if it was 3 he would have got a punch in the face.

Careful, when you're drunk you tend to saville people a bit.
by reptilebetty November 03, 2012
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A sexy man with mates like Beau selecta, james bagley, jay hussaine, but not jack cole becoz he's a pussy.
"saville was with your sister last night jack!"

"you shag her?"

"fukin ryt boi!"
by jackie the gay November 25, 2008
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(Adjective) saville - any form of sexual harassment
Eg. *Your friend is feeling up a random girl in the club*
"That's pretty saville, mate..."
by CafeMunt May 19, 2016
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